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Our Commitment
To bring to bear for each of our clients and for every issue, without regard to time and effort, the full resources of The Andrews Organization.

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Founder’s Statement

From Lower Manhattan to Washington Heights, and from the East River to the Hudson - in over 375 properties - our company's technical knowledge, on-site presence and emergency response have proven invaluable to the well-being and safety of thousands of building residents.

I established The Andrews Organization in 1987 to bring premier management services to the luxury condominium and cooperative market, and to change the management paradigm for this intensely service-oriented business. At that time, management was an industry still largely subordinate to the sale and rental of apartments, often a mere adjunct to a transaction process. I sought to change that by accentuating core management principles of board reporting, financial transparency, physical plant evaluation and emergency response. What is as certain to me today as it was then, is that the financial and physical health of a building depend upon a rigorous adherence to the principle of unfettered information flow from management and neutral third-party professionals to building ownership.

For over 28 years our goal has been to apply, for the benefit of our client properties, the considerable intellectual resources of our company, as well as those of New York City's best professionals, tradesmen and suppliers. In 2013 The Real Deal once again ranked The Andrews Organization as the leader in Building Management for managing the largest number of buildings in New York City, a fact we take pride in and a standard of excellence we hold in the highest regard.

Eugene Andrews
Founder and CEO

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andrews building corp

About Us

The Andrews Organization is a full-service real estate management company overseeing more than 350 buildings across the New York metropolitan area. Headed by Founder and CEO Eugene Andrews, The Andrews Organization offers a comprehensive real estate enhancement program to its clients including management of daily building operations, budgeting and financial planning, and 24-hour emergency response. Its Capital Projects Division oversees major restoration and repair projects throughout the City, working with the finest architects, engineers, and contractors.

  • Eugene Andrews
    Eugene Andrews
  • Naomi Cahana-Andrews
    Naomi Cahana-Andrews
  • Noam Andrews
    Noam Andrews
    Executive Vice President
  • Divya Rashad
    Divya Rashad
    Executive Vice President / Managing Director
  • Stuart Smolar
    Stuart Smolar
    Senior Vice President
  • Erick Martinez
    Erick Martinez
    Vice President
  • Philip Broomhall
    Philip Broomhall
    Vice President
  • Edmund Lew
    Edmund Lew
    Director of Financial Operations
  • Michael Schenker
    Michael Schenker
    Director of Capital Projects
  • Kosha Diaz
    Kosha Diaz
    Director of Administration and Compliance
  • Helen Mayers
    Helen Mayers
    Director of Emergency Services
  • Dana Gordon
    Dana Gordon
    Director of Management
  • Jamal Edgerton
    Jamal Edgerton
    Director of Information Technology
andrews building corp


The Andrews Organization contains four Service Divisions:

Management Services

  • Board Guidance and Building Advocacy
  • Bulk Purchasing and Supplies
  • Emergency Response and Intervention
  • Inspection and Reporting
  • Physical Plant Repair and Maintenance
  • Resident Contact and Communication
  • Staff Training and Supervision
  • Legalization and Certificate of Occupancy

Administration Services

  • Apartment Transfers, Sales, Sublets and Leasing
  • Compliance and Municipal Filing
  • Leasing Administration
  • Real Estate Tax Abatement
  • Real Estate Tax Protest and Filing
  • Real Property Income and Expense Filing
  • Risk Management and Insurance

Financial Services

  • Annual Budgeting, Analysis and Projections
  • Commercial Leasing Administration
  • E-Billing/Statements/ACH Payments
  • Financial Management
  • Monthly Bank Reconciliation
  • Monthly Financial Reporting
  • Payroll Administration

Capital Projects Services

  • Analysis and Recommendations
  • Board Communication and Reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Municipal Sign-offs
  • On Site Presence and Inspections
  • Project Administration
  • Vendor/Bids Selection Assistance
  • Vendor Payments

Capital Projects

  • Façade Restoration
    Façade Restoration

  • Exterior Reconstruction
    Exterior Reconstruction

  • Building Reconstruction
    Building Reconstruction

  • Façade Restoration and Window Replacement
    Façade Restoration and Window Replacement

  • Amenity and Infrastructure Upgrade
    Amenity and Infrastructure Upgrade

  • Amenity Upgrade
    Amenity Upgrade

  • Infrastructure Upgrade
    Infrastructure Upgrade

  • Infrastructure Upgrade
    Infrastructure Upgrade

andrews building corp

Our Technology

Technology and Information Security

The Andrews Organization goes to great lengths to securely access and deliver client information at any time and from any place. In this, it utilizes the most advanced technology and cloud-based software solutions.

We hold our clients’ confidential information in the highest regard. To protect it against digital threat, we enforce encryption of data at rest using BitLocker and encryption of data in transit using SSL/TLS. The mobile devices with which all managers are equipped feature remote wipe and device access restrictions.

Internally, our office network remains secure behind a state-of-the-art firewall, ensuring protection against both external attack and application vulnerabilities. Moreover, our employees are trained to detect and avoid identity misdirection techniques designed to falsely obtain client information.


ACH Payments
E-Billing and E-Statement
Electronic Report Distribution and Retrieval
Invoice Imaging and Electronic Tracking
Redundant Electronic Document Storage
Remote Deposit Capture
Secure Paper Shredding and Document Destruction

Our Goal is to go paperless!

andrews building corp


Forms and Applications

The following forms are available upon request:

Alteration Agreement
Certificate of Insurance
Mortgage Questionnaire
Refinance Application
Rental Application
Sales Application


andrews building corp

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we work with The Andrews Organization?
Please feel free to contact our New Business Division:

In case of emergency, how do we get in touch?
The Andrews Organization maintains a dedicated 24 hour emergency telephone line. Calls are responded to at once by a senior property manager trained to deal with emergencies that could result in loss of essential services, property damage or personal injury.

How does The Andrews Organization select vendors?
The Andrews Organization maintains an Approved Vendors List of companies in all trades and professions which it has vetted for both quality of service and cost competitiveness. Inclusion on the list allows vendors to bid work in properties managed by The Andrews Organization.

How does The Andrews Organization keep my building violations free?
The Andrews Organization has a fully staffed compliance department which handles municipal permitting and filing, violation correction and dismissal.

When can the Board expect the monthly financial statement?
Statements are available online to Boards and building accountants by the 20th of the month.

When are e-bills issued?
E-bills are issued by the 21st of the preceding month.

andrews building corp

Contact Us

General Inquiry

The Andrews Organization
666 Broadway · 12th Floor
New York NY 10012
Tel:  212 529 5688
Fax: 212 529 7987


24-Hour Emergency

917 691 9077



Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable



Unit Refinance Applications

Sales, Rental and Sublet Applications


The Andrews Organization offers a wide variety of real estate positions, provides a rewarding work environment, and welcomes applicants with diverse backgrounds. If you are interested in working for The Andrews Organization full-time, part-time, or as an intern, please submit your resume online.

Equal Employment Opportunity
The Andrews Organization is an equal employment opportunity employer. We conduct all employment-related activities without regard to sex, race, color, religion, national origin, citizenship status, ancestry, age, medical condition, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, familial status, marital status, veteran status, or any other classification protected by applicable state or federal employment discrimination laws. The Andrews Organization welcomes diversity in the workplace.

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